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Create an Article and Publish to Zendesk

1. Open the Desktop Authoring tool

If you haven't done so already, install the desktop authoring tool from this web page >>  Download the ScreenSteps Desktop authoring tool.

2. Create an article

2.1. Create a new Article

  1. Go to the Category
  2. Select the chapter (or in Zendesk terms, section)
  3. Click the + icon (it will appear as you move your mouse underneath an existing article)
Select Create Article

3. Edit the article

The ScreenSteps editor has a few extra features to make authoring content much easier. Go through the steps below to see how easy it is to create new articles.

3.1. Open up editor

After you create the article, you will edit the article by:

  1. Clicking the dropdown icon
  2. Selecting Edit Contents
  3. Clicking Edit on Desktop
3.2. Add screenshots

Open Capture palette

Click on the capture palette icon to open the capture palette.

Take screenshots

Navigate to the area you want to take screenshots of (e.g. your web application).

Click the crosshairs on the capture palette and your mouse will turn into crosshairs. Click and drag your mouse to select an area that you want to capture, then hit Enter. The screenshot is copied and pasted into your article.

You can take as many screenshots as you'd like--ScreenSteps will copy and paste all of them into the article for you.

Close the capture palette when you are done

3.3. Add annotations

Make your screenshots really helpful by adding annotations (e.g. arrows, circles). This is only available in the desktop application.

Select an image in the editor > choose the arrow

Try a few other annotations so you can get an idea of what's available.

Draw on the image

Click your mouse on the screenshot, and drag your mouse to draw an image (such as an arrow).

3.4. Add headings and text

The final step is to add a heading for each screenshot that explains what action to take.

Add a heading

As you move your mouse in the editor, you will see a gray bubble:

  1. Move your mouse to the gray bubble
  2. Click on the + icon
  3. Select Heading

Don't be shy--play around with the editor and try different features. Once you are comfortable with the editor, you can check out our bonus material below for creating articles.

Add a descriptive action for each screenshot

Add a heading over each screenshot and type in a descriptive action such as "Click on Account" and "Click on Users."

Add Text

Add paragraph text the same way--move your mouse over a gray bubble, and click Text. You can include plain text, or you can style it.

Style your text

Create styled text by:

  1. Clicking in a text field
  2. Selecting a style on the right-hand side

Click Save & Publish when you are done.

4. View the article in Zendesk

Now click on the Go To Published Article link. You will see your article in your Zendesk Help Center.

View the article in Zendesk


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