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Working with a Documentation Team

If your team is using ScreenSteps to manage your documentation, take 15 minutes and go through this guide to learn the basics of collaborating with others in ScreenSteps.

You are now on a team!

1. Make sure to do this first

If your co-worker just told you that you are now using ScreenSteps, check out the video below for a quick introduction.

1.1. Download the desktop client

Download the Desktop client

If you have not already done so, download the desktop client. You will use this for the majority of your documenting.

2. Important information in email

When your team member creates a user account, you are automatically sent an email with your account information in it.

2.1. Click on "ScreenSteps desktop authoring tool setup guide"

If you haven't already, the first thing you'll want to do is click on ScreenSteps desktop authoring tool setup guide to download the desktop client.

Click on "ScreenSteps desktop authoring tool setup guide"


Important! Follow the steps in the authoring tool setup guide. You will need to know your Account, your Username, and Password to complete the setup guide (keep reading below to see what the account name is).

2.3. Your account

Your ScreenSteps account name is the word before the ""

You will need to know the account name when you login to ScreenSteps.

Your account

2.4. Your Username and Password

Enter your Username and Password to authenticate to your account.

Your Username and Password
3. Your co-worker is emailing you from ScreenSteps

You may get an email with the subject "New message for article: XXX" - that means your team member wrote a note in an article and alerted you via email.

3.1. This is your team member

This email is telling you that your team member wrote a note.

This is your team member

3.2. This is the note

The email is also telling you what your team member's note says.

This is the note

3.3. Click on open article in desktop editor

If the note is asking you to do modify or update the article, you will want to open the article in the desktop editor to make changes to images or annotations. Clicking the link will automatically open up the ScreenSteps desktop client, and take you right to the article so you can make changes.

Click on Open article in desktop editor
4. Create a new article

If your co-worker asks you to create a new article, follow the steps below.

5. Review articles assigned to you

ScreenSteps makes it easy to assign articles to members of your team, and for you to see which articles are assigned to you.

5.1. Click All Articles

Click All Articles

5.2. Modify filters

Modify filters

5.3. Edit Articles

Check out articles and begin working on them

6. What's next?

There is a lot more you can do with ScreenSteps. Click here to view our help documentation that shows you how to use the ScreenSteps desktop client, and click here to view our entire knowledge base.


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