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Create a table of contents in an article

Have you ever wanted to quickly create a clickable table of contents at the top of an article? Kind of like this:

When you click on any of the links above, you will jump down to that heading in the article.


Add a text field where you want your table of contents

You can include regular text in the text field. When you are ready to include a link that jumps down to the heading of an article, click on the hyperlink icon > Heading Link > Heading title

Add one heading at a time

You can add one heading at a time. In this article, I created a bulleted list and added a heading for each bullet.

You can add clickable heading links anywhere in your article. Many customers are adding links at the top of lengthy articles, so we used that example here. But you can add headings to any text block in the ScreenSteps desktop editor.

What it looks like in the desktop editor

This is ONLY available in the desktop editor. Plans are in place to include this feature in the web editor.

What it looks like to your end users


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