How do I edit an article?

When you want to edit an article, you have several options for doing so.

Edit an article (web app version 4)

Click on the Edit Icon

Click Edit Contents

Click Edit on Desktop or Edit on Web

You can use either editor to create content. If you want to grab new screenshots, open up the desktop editor.

If you don't see the Edit in Web option then please contact so we can turn the feature on for your account. 

Edit an article (from your knowledge base)

Click Edit content on web or Edit in desktop

If you are logged in to your ScreenSteps account, and you visit your knowledge base that your readers are viewing, you have the option to edit on the web or edit in the desktop. Just look for the blue bar along the top.

To see the edit options, you must have an article opened up in the knowledge base and be logged into your ScreenSteps web browser application.

Edit an article (Launch Pad version 4)

Not familiar with the Launch Pad in the ScreenSteps 4 desktop application? Learn about it.

Select a category of articles

Along the top of the launch pad, you can select a category of articles.

Click the edit icon

Edit an article (desktop editor version 3)

Open and check out the article

When the mouse is over an article the Open and Check Out button will appear. Click it to open the article and have it checked out so you can begin editing.

Open and check out the article

Checking an Article In After Editing

Once you are done editing an Article you need to check it in. This saves your changes on the server. Prior to checking the article in all changes you make are stored on your computer.

  • Check in and publish - This will store the article to the server and publish it.
  • Check in as draft - This will check in the article (store it to the server) but will not publish your changes.
Checking an Article In After Editing

Example of the Check in dialog

Here is what the Check In dialog looks like. If you want to make a note about the changes you made you can do so (1). You can also notify people that the article has been changed (2) as well as set other properties of the article (3).

Once you are done entering information click Check in and Publish or Check in as Draft.

Example of the Check in dialog


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