Export an article with ss-exporter


This article covers use of the ss-exporter command line utility. This utility is used for locally storing content created in ScreenSteps. The example below will describe how to export an article from your account to a folder on your desktop.

Acquire the script

Place the script in an easily accessible place in your folder structure like the desktop.

Open the command line


  1. Press Windows+R
  2. Type cmd
  3. Enter


  1. Press command+spacebar
  2. Type Terminal
  3. Enter


cd C:\Users\<USER>\Desktop\<Folder_With_SS_Exporter_Executable>


cd ~/Desktop/<Folder_With_SS_Exporter_Executable>


This is the template for usage of ss-exporter

ss_exporter -n <account_name> -u <user_id> -p <token_password>

optional, yet highly recommended parameters to include follow the template above.

[-t <template_folder>]
[-o <output_folder>]
[-s <site_id>]
[-m <manual_id>]
[-a <article_id>]
[-M <manual_file_name>]
[-i object_identifier]

Finding ids

You can find the ids for your sites, manuals, and articles by looking at the urls in the ScreenSteps admin area. Here is an example url:

Each id is preceded by the name of the what the id represents:

Object ID
Site 2957
Manual 11169
Article 788216


Downloading a single article from your account into the current directory.

ss_exporter.exe -n MyAccountName -u MyLoginName -p MyPassword -a 111111 -t ./samples/manual_w_images_folder -o . 

Downloading a single manual into the Downloads folder.

ss_exporter.exe -n MyAccountName -u MyLoginName -p MyPassword -m 111111 -t ./samples/manual_w_images_folder -o C:\Users\$USER\Downloads

Find more examples, instructions, and the source at the Github page:


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