Education: Supporting a Transition to Remote Learning

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Many schools and universities are having to make a rapid transition to remote learning.

ScreenSteps is offering free accounts to educational institutions through June 2020 to help with this transition.

This guide will help you setup your ScreenSteps account and support your teachers and students for success.

1. Establish Your Goals

You need to have very clear goals. Because this transition is happening at such a rapid pace your goals need to be different than if you were doing a standard rollout.

Here are the goals you need set:

  1. Help everyone have a successful first experience
  2. Eliminate or reduce frustration for everyone involved
  3. Keep support requests at a manageable level
  4. Be very agile and responsive in the content you are creating

Your goal is not perfection. It is to get everyone moving in a direction that will lead them towards success.

2. Establish Your Process - Answer Questions

"Every question has an article." This should be your mantra. Don't document features. Help people do their jobs.

A few tips:

  • Think about the job your users need to accomplish and create a guide for that specific job. Don't create an article "How to use Zoom". Create an article on "How to host a virtual class on Zoom."
  • Anticipate the questions users will have and create an article for each one.
  • As new questions come in, create articles to respond to them.

3. Setting Up ScreenSteps

The section below will give you guidance on how to configure ScreenSteps for your situation.


Each ScreenSteps account can support multiple sites. A site has:

  • A unique URL
  • A unique manuals/articles
  • Its own global viewing permissions

For most cases you will want 2 sites.

  • One site for your families and students
  • Another site for your faculty and staff

See how to create sites here.

Viewing Permissions

We recommend that you make your sites "Public", but hide them from search engines. This will mean that your users will not have to login to view the content, but they will have to know the url of the help site (it won't show up in Google).

How do I make a site public?

How do I make a site hidden from search engines?

Inviting and Training New Authors

You are probably going to have a large number of authors that will need to help you.

You will want to:

Dealing with Complicated Processes

Workflow articles can be very helpful in dealing with complicated situations.


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