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The Implementation Playbook includes everything you need to consider and perform to successfully launch ScreenSteps in your organization. This is considered a living document and can be modified/customized to your organization's needs.

List of Responsibilities

  • Account Owner
  • Billing Contact
  • Admin:
  • Content Manager
  • Author:
  • Author
  • Author
  • Reviewer

Billing Tasks

Admin Tasks

Content Manager

Procedure name Type of document Date migrated into ScreenSteps? Reviewed/Approved by:

Procedure name Article/Checklist/Workflow? Date create in ScreenSteps? Reviewed/Approved by:

Author assignments

Procedure name Author responsible Due Date Link to article Reviewed/Approved by:

Rollout training

Email Audience Message Delivery date

Launch Specifics

Determine when you plan to launch ScreenSteps and include the information below.


Audience/Department Planned Launch Date Metric being measured


Audience/Department Actual Launch Date Change in metric

You are done. Great job!


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