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Updated Mar 29, 2021

ScreenSteps includes Courses for Growing Business plans and above. If your plan does not include courses and you would like to use them, you can upgrade your plan.

Confirm you have enabled Courses


Check box next to Enable Courses




Create a New Course

Click Courses

Click Create a new course

Name your course > click Create the course

Edit your course

Click "Edit on web" or "Edit in Desktop"

Add a course Step

A course step is how you will organize the main sections of your course.

Underwriters | Article Editor | ScreenSteps

Add content under a Course Step

Under a Course Step, you can include any of the other types of content blocks.

Underwriters | Article Editor | ScreenSteps

Continue to add Course Steps and content

On the left-hand side (in the outline area), you can see the Course Steps and the content within each of them.

Underwriters | Article Editor | ScreenSteps

Save as Draft/Publish

If your course is ready to go, click Save & Publish. If you're not quite ready to publish it, click Save as Draft.

Underwriters | Article Editor | ScreenSteps

Update Course Properties

Click Properties

Modify property settings

Underwriters | Academy | ScreenSteps

Publish/Unpublish your course

Add users to the course

You do not have to add users to your course right now if you're not ready to send it out. You can always come back and add them later.

Click Enrolled Users > Add users

Select Users to add

Users | Underwriters | Academy | ScreenSteps

Click Add Users

Users | Underwriters | Academy | ScreenSteps

Some customers do not want an email coming from the ScreenSteps system, so they just copy the link to the course and send it from their own email.

Click Done

Users | Underwriters | Academy | ScreenSteps

Add the course to a collection

If you have several related courses, you can create a collection and add the course to it.

If you don't have a collection, click Courses > Create a new course collection

After you create a new course collection you can add your course(s) to it.

Congratulations, you are done!

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