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Updated Aug 24, 2020

ScreenSteps includes Courses for Growing Business plans and above. If your plan does not include courses and you would like to use them, you can upgrade your plan.

Confirm you have enabled Courses


Check box next to Enable Courses




Create a New Course

Click Courses

Click Create a new course

Name your course > click Create the course

Add content to your course

Click the course title

Add articles

If you want to organize your existing articles into a course, just click + Add existing article to select articles from your knowlede base. If you want to create a new article from scratch, click Create new article.

Adding existing articles

From the menu, you can search for articles or click on the Manual > Chapter and select the articles you want.

Review articles in your course

You can also rearrange the articles in this view AND change how the title appears in the course.

For example, if your article is titled "Verify who the account owner is" and you want it to appear as "Introduction" in your course, you can modify that here.

Update Course Properties

Within the Properties tab, you can include:

  • Estimated time to complete the course
  • the purpose of the course
  • The default message that will be included on the email invitations that go out (which are optional)
  • Restrict the course to only be viewable to users who have been invited

Publish your course

Add users to the course

You do not have to add users to your course right now if you're not ready to send it out. You can always come back and add them later.

Click Users

Click the + icon

Only users who are Learners, Admins, and Editors will be available to add. Readers do not have access to courses.

If you have set up Viewing Groups in ScreenSteps, you can filter your list by clicking on the applicable Group.

Click Send Invites...

Don't worry, this will NOT send out invitations right away––you still have one more step.

Some customers do not want an email coming from the ScreenSteps system, so they just copy the link to the course and send it from their own email.

Add the course to a collection

If you have several related courses, you can create a collection and add the course to it.

If you don't have a collection, click Courses > Create a new course collection

After you create a new course collection you can add your course(s) to it.

Congratulations, you are done!

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