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Courses are included in our Enterprise plan and and can be added on to our Standard and Advanced plans. If you don't see Courses in your account and are interested in adding them, reach out to us.

Confirm you have enabled Courses

For more information, see our article on How to Enable Courses for a Site.

Create a New Course

1. Click Courses

2. Click Create Course

3. Name your course and Create

Edit your course

1. Click to "Edit on web" or "Edit in Desktop"

2. Add a Course Step

A course step is how you will organize the main sections of your course.

Underwriters | Article Editor | ScreenSteps

3. Add content under a Course Step

Click the + to add content.

You can chose to create content that is completely unique to the course using our standard content blocks or you can embed entire articles from your knowledge base.

When embedding articles into your course, it is important to know that the article title won't be included in your live course by default. If you want the article title to appear, we recommend selecting the title from the content block in the editor and copying/pasting it into the preceding Course Step title section.

4. Continue to add course steps and content

You can combine unique content and embedded articles within a single course, as shown below, or stick to one type.

Note that while we don't display the entire embedded article in the editor, it will be displayed in its entirely once published live to your course.

On the left-hand side (in the outline area), you can see the course steps that will create the structure of your live course and the content that is included within each of them.

5. Save as Draft/Publish

If your course is ready to go, click Save & Publish. If you're not quite ready to publish it, click Save as Draft.

Underwriters | Article Editor | ScreenSteps

Set Course Properties

Click Properties

Modify property settings (optional) and Save

Underwriters | Academy | ScreenSteps
Congratulations, you are done!


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