How to Add Users to Your Course

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While both private and public ScreenSteps sites can include courses, it is important to note that your users must be logged in to their ScreenSteps account in order to see and complete courses. Therefore, if you have a public site, you'll still need to add users to your site in order for them to interact with your courses.

Furthermore, if you opt to "Restrict enrollment to assigned users only", you will also need to add users to your course before it will appear for them.

Finally, even if you don't opt to restrict your course, you may still want to add users to it in order to set expectations and easily notify them of where to go to get started via email. The course will also appear in their Not started list in the Courses section of your site.

1. Select your course

2. Click Enrolled Users

3. Click Add users

4. Select Users and Add

If you don't see the user you are looking for, ensure they are added to your account and that they have the proper permissions.

5. Send invites or copy link

If you prefer an email not be sent from ScreenSteps, you can copy the link to the course and distribute via your own system.

6. Click Done

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What your users see...

If you opt to send the email, your users will see an invitation that looks like the example below, with the inviter (bolded) and invitee (not bolded) names swapped in.


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