How to Make Article Images Accessible

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ALT Text

ScreenSteps has the ability to automatically generate image ALT text based on the preceding heading. For the most accessible experience, however, we actually recommend turning that setting off (if it isn't already) and following the recommendations below.

When ALT Text Isn't Needed

When your text adequately describes the content of all images (which is ideal), ALT text should be null in order to avoid redundancy and auditory clutter for screen reader users.

When ALT Text Is Needed

In the following scenarios, appropriate ALT text should be manually entered:

  • A description of an image would be confusing to include in the text.
  • The image shows a particularly complex example that is described in the text. In this case, give a short description and include an indication that you're going to describe it in detail.
    Example: Screenshot shows where on the page you take the steps numbered below.

Image Annotations

When describing multiple elements within a screenshot, annotate the image with numbers and use a corresponding numbered list in the text.


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