ScreenSteps Accessibility Releases Summer 2021

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Released Summer 2021


  • H Tags Visible in Desktop Outline: The article outline now shows the H level that a heading will have in the HTML when viewing the article in a published KB. Level one headings will have an H2 tag, level two headings an H3 tag, level three headings an H4 tag, and level four or higher headings an H5 tag. For more information, see our article on How to Make Article Text Accessible.
  • Additional Template Color Options: “Article Count Text Color” and “Article Count Background Color” properties have been added to the Site Template Editor for the 2019 template. All existing sites will continue to the previous default colors and can update by following the the instructions in our How to Customize the Colors on Your Site article. All new sites will use the following WAVE compliant values (and existing sites can change to these in order to ensure site accessibility):
    Article Count Text Color = 36393B
    Article Count Background Color = E9ECEF


  • The default language of all sites is now set to 'en' instead of being blank. Admins can change this to another language by following the instructions in our How to Specify the Language of a Site article.
  • H tag ordering has been adjusted on the Home TOC and Manual TOC pages to a more logical sequence.
  • When an image logo is uploaded to the header a site, an ALT attribute will be added to it automatically with the website name as the value.
  • Various color contrast issues have been resolved, including in styled text blocks.
  • A form label has been added to the search bar in the HTML of all sites.

Bug Fixes

  • Tab traversal has been fixed for Workflow articles.


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