How to Review Who Has Acknowledged Notifications

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This feature is only available to users on our Enterprise plan. If you're interested in upgrading to an Enterprise plan, please reach out to us at <[email protected]>.

Only notifications that were originally set to "Require Acknowledgement" will have this data associated with them.

You can tell at a glance which of your notifications did or did not require acknowledgement based on the icon that appears next to them in the main list.

  1. A dark blue bell icon signifies that the notification was set to require acknowledgement
  2. An orange megaphone icon signifies that the notification was NOT set to require acknowledgement

To review the acknowledgment status of your users, follow these steps:

TOC | Academy | ScreenSteps

2. Click View Details

Click the options menu to the right of the notification and then click View Details.

Only notifications with a blue bell icon will have this data.

Notifications | Academy | ScreenSteps

3. View Acknowledgement Report

Optional: Export the data as CSV to do your own customer filtrations (see yellow highlight).


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