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If you have Clarify documents or ScreenSteps 2 packages that you would like to add to your ScreenSteps account then you can import them using the desktop software. 

If you need to share a copy of a manual from your ScreenSteps account with another ScreenSteps account please contact [email protected]. Provide your account name, the name of the manual you want to share, and the name of the account to share it with.

From the Launch Pad window File menu, select Import Files...

If you don't know how to access the Launch Pad, please refer to our article on Opening the Launch Pad.

Select files and import

  1. Click the Browse button to select the files you would like to import.
  2. If you would like to publish the articles right away, check the Publish Articles checkbox. Otherwise the articles will not be published.
  3. Select the chapter that you would like to import the articles into.
  4. Click Import

After the desktop editor has finished importing the files you will see the following window appear.

Articles appear in Recent Articles list

All of the articles you just imported will appear in the Recent Articles tab of the Launch Pad.


Guy Chapman

Hi - using 4.4.0 - when I import the ClarifyIt files - they are coming in as 'Untitled'. How do I get them to come in with at least the filename as the Title?

Trevor DeVore

@Guy - The Clarify document probably doesn't have a title set in the document. I just tested and confirmed that the title of the ScreenSteps article is set to the title in the Clarify document.

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