Turn your Microsoft Word documents into ScreenSteps articles

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Converting Word documents to ScreenSteps articles requires you to use the Launch Pad. If you are unfamiliar with the Launch Pad, check out the following articles:

Open the Launch Pad

  1. Open the Desktop editor and click Window
  2. Click Launch Pad.

Import Files

  1. With the Launch Pad window active click File
  2. Import Files...

Select the Word doc and Import

  1. Browse your computer and select the Word file you want to import.
  2. Select the Site > Manual > Chapter where you want the Word doc to be imported
  3. Click Import

Your Word document will be imported as a ScreenSteps article.


Jonny Volk

After clicking the Import button, the result was a message saying the file was added to my account but not brought directly into the editor as expected. Now what?

Trevor DeVore

@Jonny - after importing files using the Import dialog the articles will appear in the Launch Pad window under the "Recent Articles" tab. Clicking on the article title will open it for editing. Do you see the articles there?

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