Turn your Microsoft Word documents into ScreenSteps articles

Updated Jan 26, 2018

Use the desktop editor to convert Microsoft Word content into ScreenSteps. Simply copy content from a Word document, and paste it into the ScreenSteps desktop editor.

Video Overview

1. Select and copy the content in Microsoft Word

Open the document in Word and select all of the content you want to copy into ScreenSteps.

2. Click in white space in the ScreenSteps Desktop Editor

If you don't have any content in your article, click on the white space. Nothing will happen when you click on the white space--this is just to make sure that no other fields are selected in the article editor.

2.1. If you have existing content...

If your article already has any existing content, select the element after which you want the content from Word to appear.

3. Paste content into ScreenSteps

The Word content will be broken up into different elements (text, images, or tables) and inserted into the article.

4. Double check your work

After pasting the content, review the document to make sure that everything looks right. While the desktop editor will convert most content correctly, you may find a couple of items which need to be corrected or reformatted.

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