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When moving content from another system that displays your existing content in a web browser it is possible to copy and paste the text and images directly into the ScreenSteps desktop software.

Normally when you select text and images in a web browser tab and try to paste into ScreenSteps only the text will appear. This is because the images are stored on a web server and are not available on your computer. You can workaround this, however, using some browsers. This article will show how to do this using Firefox.

The approach described in this article does not currently work with Chrome (version 78.0.3904.87). Chrome does not copy the full path to the images to the clipboard so ScreenSteps doesn't know where to locate them at.

These instructions require version 4.1 of the ScreenSteps desktop software

Using Firefox

Save page as "Web Page, complete"

With the web page you would like to convert to ScreenSteps open in Firefox, select Save Page As... from the Open menu (Mac or Windows).

File Save Page As

In the dialog that appears select Web Page, complete as the Format, select a destination, and then Save the file.

Web Page, complete

This will create an HTML file and a folder in the location you saved to. The folder contains, among other things, all of the images displayed on the page.

File and folder saved together

Open HTML file in Firefox

Select Open File... from the Open menu and select the HTML file you saved. This will open an HTML file that points to the images stored on your computer.

File Open File
Select HTML file

Select and copy the text and images that you would like to import

Select text and images

Paste into ScreenSteps

You can now use the Edit > Paste menu in ScreenSteps to paste your content. The images will be inserted along with the text. At this point you can delete the file and folder you exported from Firefox.

Paste into ScreenSteps


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