Transferring a Word User Guide to the ScreenSteps structure

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If you are transferring a Word user guide to ScreenSteps, you don't want to simply copy and paste your entire guide (100+ pages) into one ScreenSteps article. Follow these instructions for organizing your Word content into ScreenSteps.

Xerox User Guide

Create a ScreenSteps manual

The scope of this user guide is narrow, so it can be a ScreenSteps manual.

Create Chapters

Create a chapter in ScreenSteps for each H1 heading.

Create articles

Create articles in ScreenSteps for each H2 heading.

Anything else in TOC is a heading in an article

Any headings beyond H2 will just be headings within the ScreenSteps article (which we'll talk about in the next module).

Salesforce User Guide

Create a new group

The scope of the Salesforce user guide is much broader (552 pages broader). So this guide will be a group in ScreenSteps.

Create manuals

Since the scope is quite large, each section becomes its own manual.

Create chapters

Create chapters for the sub-sections.

Create articles

Each of these sub-sections cover a specific task, and should be articles in ScreenSteps.


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