How to Install the ScreenSteps Browser Extension

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What is the extension?

If you're not sure what the browser extension is, we have two great resources for you to check out:

  1. Overview of the ScreenSteps Browser Extension for Contextual Help (Article)
  2. Browser Extension and Contextual Help (Course)

Steps for Installation

1. Locate the ScreenSteps Browser Extension Setup URL

  1. Navigate to Site Settings (click here for instructions on navigating to the Site Settings view for your site)
  2. Click the Copy icon next to the url to copy it to the clipboard.
Settings | Help Site | ScreenSteps

2. Have users visit the ScreenSteps Browser Extension setup url

Each ScreenStep site that has the ScreenSteps Browser Extension enabled has a setup page which will guide users through the installation process and then automatically configure the extension for them.

ScreenSteps Browser Extension setup page
  • When the user visits the setup page the website will determine if the extension has been installed and configured to connect to ScreenSteps.
    • If the extension is not installed then a link is provided to the appropriate store for the browser being used.
    • If the extension is installed, but not logged in, then the extension will automatically be configured to connect to the site.
ScreenSteps Browser Extension setup page

3. View your content

  1. If a channel has been established, a blue tab will appear on the right-hand side.
  2. If a channel has not been established, you can open the extension by clicking the icon at the top of the browser
Open extension


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