Installing the Chrome Extension

Updated Apr 30, 2019

You must have a Small Business Plan or higher to use the Chrome Extension. If you do not have that plan, please contact ScreenSteps support and let them know you'd like to try it out.

Contextual help uses the ScreenSteps Chrome extension. This way, you don't have to worry about APIs or integrations to give employees contextual help for all the web applications you use internally.

With the Chrome extension, you can provide contextual help for your Salesforce objects, Netsuite, BusinessWorld, and all of the other web apps you use.

Just follow these steps to access the Chrome extension:

Open your Chrome browser and go to ScreenSteps for Chrome to Download the extension.

After you download the extension, open up a new tab in Chrome and sign into the extension using the account name your Admin provided.

Your ScreenSteps Admin can find the account name in the ScreenSteps Site Settings page as shown below.

Sign into ScreenSteps

You will then be asked to log in with your username and password.


Once you see the "Congratulations..." you can close the extension and continue on with your day.

View your content

Once you set up contextual help channels in the Admin area, you can  access your team's guides, policies, and SOPs from (1) the bell icon. Or, if the bell doesn't appear because you haven't set up a contextual help channel, you can access your documentation from (2) the extension icon at the top of your browser.

You are done. Great job!


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