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This is a basic tutorial for creating an article using the ScreenSteps web editor. After you learn the basics of creating content in the web editor, we suggest you try out the desktop editor. The desktop editor has options for capturing and annotating screenshots.

Create a new article

Make sure that you have selected the manual and chapter you want to create an article in.

Click New +

Give your article a title > click Create Article

Edit your article on the web

Click on the Edit on Web button.

Add a content block

ScreenSteps articles are built using content blocks. To write a paragraph, you must first add a Paragraph Text block

Write your content

Add another content block

Above and below each content block you have the option of adding another content block. Click the plus icon to add another block.

Select the content block of your choice

In this example, we will add a Heading content block.

Continue adding content blocks

You will write your article by adding different content blocks. When you need to break up your paragraphs with a heading, add a Heading block. If you want to include a table, add a Table content block.

You can add content blocks wherever you see the gray dots or the + icon.

Save & Publish the article

View the published version of the article

Click the blue link under Published Links to view the article in its published state.

This will also be the link that you share with your team or with customers if you want them to view the published article.

Congratulations, you are done!


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