Creating an Outcome Statement for ScreenSteps

Updated Feb 05, 2020

Summary of creating an outcome statement

The outcome statement is composed of five elements:

  1. A specific group of people
  2. doing a specific thing
  3. will increase/decrease
  4. a valuable measure (preferably already used in operations)
  5. by a specific date

Here's what that might look like for you as a ScreenSteps customer.

Specific group doing a specific thing will increase/decrease a valuable measure by a specific date
Customers using ScreenSteps will decrease new support tickets by 20% by 12/31/2020.
Support Reps using ScreenSteps will decrease time to resolution by 33% by 12/31/2020
Accounting department using ScreenSteps will decrease reconciliation errors by 99% by 12/31/2020
Sales reps using ScreenSteps will decrease tax questions by 100% by 12/31/2020
New hires using ScreenSteps will decrease training time by 75% by 12/31/2020


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