Create Contextual Help Channels


Once you get the Chrome extension installed, you will need to create Channels so that the Chrome extension knows which articles should be readily available on specific web applications.

Navigate to web app where you need contextual help > click extension

  1. Navigate to any web application where you need contextual help. In the example below, I'm in Mailchimp > Campaigns.
  2. Click the ScreenSteps extension

Click Settings

The extension will open up. Click Settings at the bottom of the extension.

Campaigns | Mailchimp

Click + Create Channel

Campaigns | Mailchimp

Enter Information > Create a channel

  1. Enter a name for the channel (e.g. Mailchimp Campaigns)
  2. Check the box to Go to the channel after creation
  3. Click Create a channel

Add articles

Employee Help Site | ScreenSteps

Refresh channel

Now that you have your channel set up and you've added/created articles specifically for it, navigate back to the Chrome Extension and click Settings.

Call | Salesforce

Then click Refresh Channels.

Call | Salesforce


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