"Current time is earlier than NotBefore condition" error

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When attempting to access ScreenSteps via SSO have you received an error message such as this?

There was a problem authenticating you. Please contact your account administrator. Error Message: Current time is earlier than NotBefore condition (2023-11-29 13:53:35 UTC < 2023-11-29 13:54:03 UTC - 2s)

This error has to do with clock drift which means the clock on the Identification Provider (IdP) server that is sending the SAML assertion to the ScreenSteps server does not have the clock synced to the current time. In the example above the times are more than 20 seconds apart from each other.

Once the clock on the IdP server is synced properly you will be able to log into ScreenSteps using Single Sign-on. This is not something that the ScreenSteps has control over so you will need to work with your IT team or 3rd party provider to fix the issue.


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