Configuring the PHP Script

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Now that you have configured Crowd and ScreenSteps you just need to configure the PHP script.

Open "crowd_remote_auth.php" File

Open "crowd_remote_auth.php" File

At the top of the crowd_remote_auth.php file are some variables that you need to define so that the PHP script can communicate with Crowd and ScreenSteps.

Enter Variable Values

Enter Variable Values

Fill in each of the variables with the appropriate values.


  • The $sslive_token value is the Remote authentication token value you copied to the clipboard in the previous step.
  • The $crowd_app_credential variable is the password you set for your application when adding the application to Crowd.
  • The $crowd_service_url variable is the path to the SOAP API. The url will closely resemble the one in this example. You just need to change the domain (localhost:8095).




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