Locating the Entity ID for SSO configuration

Updated Feb 14, 2019

When configuring a Single Sign-on (SSO) endpoint in ScreenSteps you will need to enter an Entity ID into the 3rd party SSO provider. This article will show you how to locate the Entity ID from within ScreenSteps.

Locating the Entity ID for an account or site SSO endpoint

You will find the Entity ID for your SSO endpoint at the bottom of the Edit Single Sign-on Endpoint screen.

The Entity ID field contains the value you will enter into the 3rd party SSO provider. If you are configuring SSO for your ScreenSteps account as a whole then the Entity ID will be ScreenSteps-Live (Example 1). For sites in your account that have been configured with their own domain, the domain will be appended to ScreenSteps-Live. Example 2 shows the Entity ID for a site with the domain sso-test-3.screenstepslive.com.

Example 1

Example 2


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