Do you recommend using the Zendesk Help Desk or a ScreenSteps site as your main documentation site?

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Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages of having your documentation in Zendesk:

  • If your help articles are in Zendesk then, when a customer is submitting a ticket, Zendesk will proactively suggest answers from your knowledge base. If your help articles are being presented in a ScreenSteps site then this won't happen since Zendesk can't search ScreenSteps while a ticket is being submitted.
  • If you are managing viewing permissions for your knowledge base in Zendesk then you will want all of your content to be in Zendesk. It will make it much easier to manage your viewing permissions. Zendesk can't act as an identity provider to ScreenSteps so there is no way for us to know if a user is logged into Zendesk.

Here are the advantages of having your documentation in a ScreenSteps site:

  • Many of our customers prefer the sequential way that ScreenSteps presents information in a "user manual" format.
  • They also prefer the sidebar navigation that ScreenSteps presents (showing additional manuals, chapters and articles).

Which should I choose?

That completely depends on your needs, but with our new, improved Zendesk integration you can now publish complete manuals to Zendesk.

There are a lot of benefits to having all of your customer support documentation, user forums and ticket history in the same place. ScreenSteps now makes that easier than ever. So unless you have a really good reason for not using ScreenSteps to publish help content to Zendesk then we would suggest that you try the ScreenSteps/Zendesk integration before creating a standalone ScreenSteps site.

A third option

Some of our customers do both. They publish quick how-to articles to Zendesk (what we call "roadblock" articles), but set up a separate ScreenSteps site that includes onboarding guides, training courses etc. ("road map" articles). The ScreenSteps site is used for training purposes and the Zendesk knowledge base for ticket deflection.

To accomplish this in ScreenSteps you would have two sites:

  • A site connected to Zendesk that publishes content to Zendesk.
  • A ScreenSteps site that you send your customers to.


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