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When you search for an article from your published site, ScreenSteps will search the following fields:

  • Title
  • Article body
  • Additional Search Terms
  • Tags

Note that HTML in HTML content blocks will not be searched by default. To search the HTML in HTML content block use Full Text HTML searches.

Phrase searches

If you put a phrase in quotation marks, then ScreenSteps will search for the full phrase.

"The top of the world"

Excluding words

Enter a - to exclude a word

cakes -donuts would search for articles that have the word "cakes" in them but not "donuts".

Searching for titles or tags

If you want to limit your search to just titles you can do the following:

title:my article

For tags you could enter:


Wildcard searches

Entering an * will perform a wildcard search.

pro* would find any articles with words that begin with "pro". You cannot put the wildcard at the beginning of a search phrase.

*word would fail.

Boolean searches

You can also perform boolean searches such as:

cats OR dogs

Full Text HTML searches

You can search the html content of your articles by using the full_text_html key in your search. This allows you to search the source in HTML content blocks as well as links used in your article. For example, to search for all articles that use the <script> tag in an HTML content block use the following search:


Here is a trick for searching your ScreenSteps site for links from one article to another. ScreenSteps doesn't store a typical <a href="..."> tag when linking to other articles. Rather, it stores data attributes so that the links can be generated dynamically. Here is how you could search for a link to an article with the id of 1:



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