The new Zendesk Integration with ScreenSteps Live

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With the new version of ScreenSteps Live we are changing the way that we integrate with the Zendesk knowledge base. You will no longer publish directly to Zendesk from the desktop software. Instead you will connect a manual on ScreenSteps Live to a Zendesk forum. Then when you publish articles to that manual on ScreenSteps Live they will automatically be created on Zendesk. From that point forward each time you update the article on ScreenSteps Live it will update on Zendesk.

Why the change?

In a collaborative environment it makes much more sense to publish form the web than to have each other required to save to ScreenSteps Live and then post to Zendesk.

What about existing forum posts?

You can attach existing forum posts on Zendesk to articles on ScreenSteps Live. The articles on ScreenSteps Live will then start updating those posts. This way you can move all of your old content over.


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