ScreenSteps and GDPR

Updated Feb 07, 2019

On May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become effective. This document spells out the steps we are taking at ScreenSteps to comply with GDPR and to protect the personal data of you and your customers.

What steps we have taken


  • We have consulted with outside legal counsel to understand the legal requirements of GDPR what we must do to comply with GDPR regulations.
  • We have performed an internal data audit to document how data is collected, where it is stored, and how it is used.

Updated Privacy Policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy.

Updated DPA

We have an updated DPA that reflects the regulatory and operational changes that we have made in relation to GDPR. If you would like enter into a signed DPA, please contact us at

Data Sub-processors

We maintain here a list of a data sub-processors. Where applicable, we have entered into DPA's with each sub-processor.

Sub-processor Purpose Place of Processing
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Application hosting United States Credit card processing United States
ChargeBee, Inc. Customer invoicing and payment processing. United States
Google Analytics, Inc. Application analytics United States
FullStory, Inc. Customer support and product improvement. United States
Honeybadger, LLC Application bug reports United States
HubSpot, Inc. Marketing, customer education and customer communication United States
Intercom, Inc. Customer support and communication United States Tracking of end user usage data (articles/checklists viewed, courses viewed and completed) United States
Rapid7, Inc. Application Logs United States
WildBit, LLC Transactional email delivery United States
Zendesk, Inc. Customer support United States
Wildbit, LLC
Transactional emails United States

Notifications and Objections

To subscribe to updates to ScreenSteps' Sub-processor list, please email us at

To object to a sub-processor, please send an email to

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