How to Install ScreenSteps for Service Cloud in Salesforce Lightning

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To begin installation of the ScreenSteps for Service Cloud Salesforce application please visit the App Exchange:

1. Get the application

  1. Click on the Get It Now button


Get It Now

2. Install

  1. Choose which account you'll use to connect
  2. Click to Install in Production or Install in Sandbox
Select installation location for package

3. Confirm and Install

  1. Agree to the terms
  2. Click to Confirm and Install
Confirm and install

4. Choose Security Level

  1. Choose which users should have access
  2. Click to Install
Choose Security Level

5. Complete

A success message should appear. Click Done to complete the install process.

Success screen

6. Configure

See the articles below to configure your settings before using the ScreenSteps for Service Cloud application:

You are done. Great job!


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