How to Uninstall ScreenSteps for Service Cloud

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1. Remove ScreenSteps Component

1.1. Open Cases Tab

If you do not yet have any Cases then you should select the "New" button to create one.

1.2. Click to Edit Page

1.3. Click the Trash Can icon

Click the trash can icon in the upper-right of the ScreenSteps Knowledge Base component to remove it.

1.4. Click to Save

2. Uninstall ScreenSteps for Service Cloud application

2.1. Go to Setup

2.2. Search for "Installed Packages"

2.3. Click Uninstall

Click Uninstall next to the "ScreenSteps for Service Cloud" application.

2.4. Complete the Uninstall

  1. Review the warnings
  2. Opt to save or not save a copy of the data
  3. Check the box to confirm the deletion of components
  4. Click Uninstall once more


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