How to Configure ScreenSteps for Salesforce Service Cloud

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After installing the ScreenSteps for Service Cloud Integration you need to configure your ScreenSteps settings using the steps below.

1. Go to Setup

2. Go To Settings > Security > Named Credentials

3. Add a new Legacy Named Credential

  1. Click drop down arrow next to "New" label
  2. Select New Legacy
Select "Manage" for ScreenSteps Settings

4. Enter Information and Save

  1. This value MUST be "ScreenSteps" (without quotation marks)
  2. This value MUST be "ScreenSteps" (without quotation marks)
  3. Enter full url of your site, such as
  4. Set "Authentication Protocol" to "Password Authentication"
  5. ScreenSteps user login (any Admin or Contributor)
  6. API Token. See Generating a ScreenSteps API Key
  7. Click Save
Enter Information and Save


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