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If you have installed the Salesforce search widget and aren't seeing any results here are somethings to check to try to troubleshoot:

Does the home page component have the correct url?

The most common problem we see is customers forgetting to update the home page component url. If this url is incorrect then the sidebar search will not return any results.

See this article for details on how to make sure you are using the correct url:

Checking your Salesforce URL

Here is the article that explains how to install the home page component:

Creating the home page component


Did you clear the cache?

ScreenSteps for Salesforce caches results it gets from the ScreenSteps server. This speeds things up for your organization. When you update the tag associated with an article you can either wait until the cache is refreshed or manually clear it.

Clearing the cache

Check configuration of ScreenSteps Salesforce application

If the home page component is installed correctly then the other things to check are:

  1. Have you entered the correct account url? This should be your ScreenSteps account URL, not the one you see in the screenshot below.
  2. Have you entered a valid username and password? Are you able to use that username and password to login to your ScreenSteps site?
  3. Have you entered the correct space id? How to find your space id (or site id).
Check configuration of ScreenSteps Salesforce application
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