Configuring ScreenSteps for Salesforce

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After installing the ScreenSteps for Salesforce application you need to configure your ScreenSteps settings.

Load ScreenSteps for Salesforce

Load ScreenSteps for Salesforce

You will be presented with a simple form where you can enter your ScreenSteps URL, credentials, the name of the site you want to access from within Salesforce, and the duration that ScreenSteps content should be cached.

In addition, you will see a Clear Cache button here. If you ever want to force the ScreenSteps cache to be refreshed then click this button.

Enter Information and Save

Enter Information and Save
  1. Your URL will be in the format:


  1. Make sure you enter the same url here as you did when configuring the Remote Site.
  2. For the user name and password we recommend using an API-Access user. Any user with access to the space will do, however.

    IMPORTANT: If the site you enter is protected then make sure that the user you enter has viewing rights.
  3. Copy and paste the site ID (it will be a number) or the permalink of your ScreenSteps site that you want to access from within Salesforce. Follow these instructions to locate the site ID or your site's permalink, When you are done, click Save.


Steffani Cuff

Every time I try to save it says "Success: Error in settings: It appears that SSL is not available on your account or that the site you entered is not protected. " I don't know how to fix that. Possible suggestions ?????

Trevor DeVore

@Steffani - Can you email [email protected] so we can help get this sorted?

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