Add Contextual Help and Search in Salesforce Classic

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You can have your help articles and onboarding guides show up automatically in the appropriate Salesforce tabs, as well as enable your users to search your ScreenSteps knowledge base from right within Salesforce.

Follow these steps to get started.

1. Configure ScreenSteps for Salesforce

After you have created a ScreenSteps account, you will configure it to connect to your Salesforce instance.

  1. Install ScreenSteps for Salesforce
  2. Tell Salesforce to allow access to ScreenSteps
  3. Configure ScreenSteps for Salesforce

3. Create Salesforce homepage component

This will create a search field to the sidebar of your Salesforce page:

  1. Install the Visualforce page Home Page Component
  2. Add the Home Page component to your sidebar

4. Using Contextual help

You can take advantage of contextual help by specifying tags in ScreenSteps. If you want an article related to campaigns to show up in the sidebar of the Campaigns object automatically, you can add a tag:

  1. Change the ScreenSteps tag used for each Salesforce tab
  2. Add a tag for a custom tab or Visualforce page
  3. Customize tags based on user profile

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Gorav Seth

Would be great if we could enable federated search so screensteps articles would be displayed in search results for salesforce global search!

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