Adding Viewer Permission Rules to an Individual User That Already Has a User Account

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You can apply viewing permissions to individual users.

Note: We recommend managing viewing permissions at the group level when possible and that you only manage viewing permissions at the individual user level for one-off situations.

You can add more permissions to an individual user, even if they belong to a User Group.

Setting up individual users with viewing permissions

  1. Navigate to Users.
  2. Select the user you would like to add permissions to.
  1. Click Site Permissions.
  2. Click Add Site.
  1. Check the site you would like the user to be able to view.
  2. Choose the viewing permissions (this applies to the published site and affects Readers and Contributorswho belong to this group)
    1. Assigned Content Only: This viewer can ONLY see articles, chapters, or manuals that she has been explicitly assigned in the published site. Nothing else. For example, if you hire contractors and you only want them to be able to see the the Contractor Manual, you will not need to lock down all the other manuals/chapters/articles in your site. This users can only see what she has been assigned.
    2. Unrestricted & Assigned Content: This user can see all manuals/chapters/articles in the published site that have not been restricted AND you can assign her to manuals/chapters/articles that are restricted.
    3. All Content: This user can see all content in the published site whether it's been restricted or not.
  3. Check this box if you want this user to have access to Courses and/or the Browser Extension.
  4. Admin Access refers to whether a Contributor can view content in the Admin area. Since this user is a Reader, she cannot view the Admin area, so this option is not applicable. But if this user were a Contributor, then you would be able to make modifications. Details around permissions for the Admin area are in the section Contributor Permissions below.
  5. Click Add.

This user now has permission to View only those manuals/chapters/articles in the published site that are explicitly assigned to her.


View which manuals/chapters/articles the user has permissions to view.

If you want to allow the user to view manuals/chapters/articles, you will need to navigate to the specific manual/chapter/article and add them.



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