Setting up a User (i.e. Contributor) to Only Edit Specific Articles in a Chapter or Manual

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This article will show you how to set up a Contributor user who can only edit or create articles in specific manuals or chapters.

You will need to do two things:

  1. Set up a Contributor with Assigned Only
  2. Assign the content at the manual, chapter, or article level

1. Set up a Contributor

  1. Click Account
  2. Click Users
Invite User | ScreenSteps

1.2. Click + Invite Single User

Users | ScreenSteps

1.3. Set up your contributor > Add Sites

  1. Select the Contributor role
  2. Add an email for the user
  3. Click Add Sites
Invite User | ScreenSteps

1.4. Set Viewing Permissions and set Content Management to Limited Access

  1. Select the Site and set the viewing permissions to the Published Knowledge Base (KB) to whatever you want
  2. Set Content Management to Limited Access
  3. Click Next
Invite User | ScreenSteps

1.5. Select Assigned Only > Next

Invite User | ScreenSteps

1.6. Click Add

Invite User | ScreenSteps

1.7. Click Invite

Invite User | ScreenSteps

2. Assign Permission at Content Level

2.1. Click Padlock Next to Content

TOC | Academy | ScreenSteps

2.2. Add a New User

TOC | Academy | ScreenSteps

2.3. Select User(s) > Next

TOC | Academy | ScreenSteps

2.4. Set Permissions > Add

TOC | Academy | ScreenSteps


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