How do I add Readers/Viewers to a site (i.e. give individual Readers/API permission to view a site)?

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By assigning Reader users, API Access users, and Groups to a protected site you can grant users access to the content in the protected site. These users cannot upload lessons or modify content. You are simply giving these users permission to view the content in a site.

There are two steps to giving an individual user permission to view a site:

  1. Create a reader account for the user
  2. Add the reader account to the site

This article will show you how to add a reader account to a site.

If your site is not protected (i.e. private), you do not need to add readers to it. If you want to restrict access to some articles in a public site you can set permissions on individual articles in the site.

Add the reader user to your site

Select your site > click Viewers

  1. Select the site you want to add reader users to.
  2. Click Site Users & Groups

Select Assigned Groups or Assigned Users

Click Add next to the user or group you would like to add

Add User

  1. Check the user's name you want to add
  2. Select the viewing permissions
    • Assigned Content Only (User can only see Articles, Chapters, or Manuals assigned to them)
    • Unrestricted & Assigned Content (User can see everything that has not been restricted. If content is restricted, you can assign the user to view it.)
    • All Content (User can see any content in the site, even if it has been restricted)
  3. Click Next
Users | Permissions | Academy | ScreenSteps
  1. Click Next
Users | Permissions | Academy | ScreenSteps
  1. Click Add
Users | Permissions | Academy | ScreenSteps
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