How to Receive Comment Moderation and Article Rating Emails (or Turn Off Email Notifications)

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As an Admin, you can control which users will receive comment moderation notifications. A comment moderation email is sent whenever a new comment is created that has not been approved by an admin or editor user or whenever an article is rated by a user.

Contributors can also modify comment moderation settings if they have been given permission to do so.

Select Profile from Account menu

Select "Receive comment moderation emails" and click "Update Profile"

Setting Description
Receive an email when I am made the owner of a comment or an article. You will receive an email when you are made the owner of a comment or the owner of an article.
Receive comment moderation emails
You will receive an email whenever a comment which needs to be moderated is made on any article that you have permission to author or moderate comments on.

Auto subscribe me to comments on new articles 

When new articles are created you will automatically be subscribed to receive emails when new comments are added.


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