How to Add a Description to a Manual

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You can opt to include a description for any or all of your manuals on your table of contents page.

Once added, the manual description will only appear if your category is set to display in the grid format. The list format will not display any assigned manual descriptions due to its condensed nature. For instructions on how to change the format of a category, see this article.

To add a manual description, follow the steps below:

2. Click Categories & Manuals

  1. Make sure you have Home selected from the dropdown
  2. Click Categories & Manuals to expand that menu

3. Next to the manual you want to add the description to, click the action menu and then Edit

4. Enter your description and then click Save and Publish


Marka Grimes

Hi - Is there any way to have the grid go three or four wide instead of just the two? Having just two columns really makes my list super long. MJ

Amie Barder

@Marka: We have a "compact layout" option that you might prefer. You can find more info here:

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