How to Configure a Vanity Domain to use a Custom SSL Certificate

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When you use a vanity domain with your site on ScreenSteps (e.g. an SSL certificate is automatically generated (and renewed as needed) for you in order for secure connections to be made to the vanity domain over HTTPS. You have the option of uploading your own SSL certificate if you would prefer to manage the certificate yourself.

If you upload your own SSL certificate you will be responsible for renewing the SSL certificate each time it expires.

These instructions assume that you have already set up DNS properly for your site's custom domain. If you have not then follow the instructions in the article How to Use a Vanity Domain with Your ScreenSteps Site.

Navigate to Account > Site Access

Account > Site Access

Click Manage Vanity Domain for the site

  1. Navigate to the Domain Settings section.
  2. You should see your domain name and the DNS successfully verified checkbox. If it is not then review the instructions in the article How to use your company's domain name with your ScreenSteps site.
Domain settings

Click Upload a custom SSL certificate

Upload a custom SSL certificate

Enter the public certificate & chain as well as the private key

  1. Provide a public certificate and chain in PEM format
  2. Provide the private key in PEM format
  3. Click the Apply button

Mouse over the i icons next to the Public certificate & chain and Private key labels for examples of what the certificates should look like.

Upload and update SSL certificate
Congratulations, you are done!


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