How to Customize the Header or Footer in the 2015 (Old) Template

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The ScreenSteps Site Template editor makes it easy to customize the header and footer of your ScreenSteps site. All you have to do is provide the HTML that will appear above or below the your ScreenSteps manuals and articles.

The option of customizing the Header and Footer is only available with a Small Business Plan or above.

Open the site template editor

To learn how to open the site template editor refer to the following article: How to edit your site design

Select Advanced Layout (HTML, CSS & JS)

Select Advanced Layout (HTML, CSS & JS)

Select the section you would like to edit and enter your HTML.

Pick Template to edit

For a list of variables you can use in the Header and Footer sections refer to the following article:

Variables available in the Header, Footer, and Site sections

Preview and then Publish changes

Preview then publish chanages


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