How to Add Featured Article Lists to the Sidebar


In addition to adding a custom message and/or an auto-updating Recently Updated Articles list to your site's sidebar, you also have the option of adding up to 2 custom Featured Article Lists.

3. Click Create a Featured Article List

4. Enter a name for your list and click Create a Featured Article List

5. Click the name of the new list

6. Optional: Choose who can view the list

If you only want certain users to see the list of content, you can change the Viewable for dropdown selection to a specific group of users.

7. Click Add existing article

8. Browse or search for the articles you'd like to include and then click the + to add

9. Once your list is complete, navigate to Site Template

10. Click Sidebar Content

  1. Make sure you have Home selected from the dropdown
  2. Click Sidebar Content to expand that menu

11. Click the pencil icon next to one of the Featured Article Lists

12. Hover over your desired list to click Select Featured Article List and then click Apply

Amie's Site | ScreenSteps

13. Turn the Featured Article List on

Toggle the switch next to the featured article list to the ON position.

14. Click Apply to preview on the right

15. Click Publish to update your live site


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