How to Allow Users to Rate Articles

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If a site is private then you can turn on article ratings.

Edit site settings

Navigate to the site settings page.

Enable article ratings

  1. Check the Enable article ratings checkbox
  2. Click Update

Articles can now be rated

When users view the articles in the site they will now see thumbs up/thumbs down icons at the bottom of each article.

If a user clicks on one of the icons anyone signed up to receive comment moderation emails for the article will receive an email that looks like this:



Is there any dashboard or consolidated view of article ratings available?

Trevor DeVore

@Nicole - no, there is not.


Will article ratings be made available for public sites?

Trevor DeVore

@Andy - Doing so is not currently on our internal road map.


+1 for public sites. It would also be good if the rater can be given the opportunity to enter a reason if they give a thumbs down. Otherwise we have no idea what needs to be done to fix/improve the article.


Is the ability to rate articles available on public sites?

Amie Barder

@Vicki: No - this feature is only available on private sites.

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