How to Edit Your Site's Featured Content Section

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You can feature specific articles, chapters, manuals, or external URLs on the home page of your ScreenSteps site. The featured content appears below the search area of the published site.


This article will show you how to create and/or update the featured content section.

  1. Make sure you have Home selected from the dropdown
  2. Click Featured Content to expand that menu and see what already exists
Academy | ScreenSteps

3. Click to Add Feature or Edit an Existing Feature

3.1. Add Feature

You will NOT be able to add more featured content if you already have four, as that is the max.

Academy | ScreenSteps

3.2. Modify an existing piece of featured content

Click the action menu to edit the contents of the featured content.

Academy | ScreenSteps

4. Enter/edit fields and Apply

Modify the Title, Description, and Link URL and then click Apply.

Academy | ScreenSteps

5. Select/update the icon

Academy | ScreenSteps

6. Click Apply to preview on the right

Academy | ScreenSteps

7. Click Publish

Academy | ScreenSteps


Tim Chapin

When clicking one of the featured items, are we able to set it up so that it opens in a new browser window so we can avoid the browser back button?

Trevor DeVore

@Tim - Not currently. I'll add that to our feature request list though.

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