How to Enable/Disable Comments for Articles

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In ScreenSteps you decide whether or not you want comments to appear at the end of articles. You can control whether or not comments appear at the following three levels:

  1. Site settings
  2. Manual settings
  3. Article Settings

If comments are turned off for a site then no comments will appear for any articles in the site. If comments are turned on for a site then you can turn comments off for an individual manual by editing the manual properties. If comments are enabled for a site and a manual then the article setting can turn comments off for an individual article.

For a site

Edit site settings

Navigate to the site settings page.

Check/uncheck Allow comments > Update

For a manual

Edit manual properties

Check/uncheck Allow comments > Update

ScreenSteps - Opera

For an article

Edit article properties

Click on an article title to view the article.

Check/uncheck Comments Enabled


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