How to Switch to the New Site Template


This article will show you how to switch your site from the Old (2015) template to the New (2019) template.

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3. Read the pop-up message and click OK

Optional: Check the box labeled "Don't show this message again" if you don't want additional reminders when switching back and forth.

4. Make desired adjustments to your site styling and click Apply to preview on the right

Custom CSS and Javascript cannot be used in the new template. This limitation helps to ensure critical site features do not break as we continue to adjust and add to the platform.

For more information on template settings, see our chapter on Customizing the 2019 (New) Template.

Optional: Click Preview at the top (in yellow) in order to preview your setting adjustments in a new tab.

5. Once satisfied, click Publish to push the change to your live site


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