How to change your site theme

If you are using the 2011 site content template and need to update to the new 2015 site content template, follow these instructions to make the update.

Note: You will need to login to the ScreenSteps Web Admin area and select the site to switch templates.

You must make this update for each site in your account

Once in the Web Admin, click on Site Template

2. Select your theme

You can select from 3 different themes. Try them all to see which style you like the best--all of them are appropriate versions of the new 2015 site content template.

3. Preview Changes > Publish

Preview your changes to make sure your site looks the way you want it. When it's ready, click Publish Changes.

4. Scroll down to make more customizations

Scroll down the left-hand side of the screen and you can make more modifications to your site such as adding your logo, including a site description, adding links along the top of the navigation, and modifying the fonts.

5. Use a color palette or customize your own colors

Scroll down the page to load a color palette selection, or manually customize the colors of the Header, Links, and Buttons to match colors from your brand.

6. Modify the manual icons

Continue scrolling down the left-hand side to change the appearance of the manual icons.

7. Modify the sidebar

Continue scrolling down the left-hand side of the screen to modify the sidebar of your ScreenSteps site.

8. Add HTML, CSS, or Javascript

8.1. Include appropriate code

8.2. Select the template

9. Preview and Publish Your Changes


Alberto Azevedo

how do I add these accordion like links on an article?

Trevor DeVore

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