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Updated Aug 23, 2019

Where the site description appears

Open the site template editor

To learn how to open the site template editor refer to the following article: How to edit your site design

Edit Site Description

Scroll down > Edit Site description > click Update

HTML tags and attributes

The site description field supports a subset of HTML tags. The table below contains tags and corresponding attributes that are accepted in the site description field. Anything else is not allowed and will be removed.

Tags Attributes
a href, title
img src, alt, title
br none
i none
u none
b none
pre none
kbd none
code lang
cite none
strong none
em none
ins none
sup none
sub none
del none
table none
tr none

colspan, rowspan

th none
ol start
ul none
li none
p none
h1 none
h2 none
h3 none
h4 none
h5 none
h6 none
blockquote cite
notextile none

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Christy Warren

Is there a way to hide the site description when viewing an article?

Trevor DeVore

@Christy - Yes you can. I just added a JavaScript recipe to our CSS and JavaScript customizations page. Here is the direct link:

Christy Warren

@Trevor - Thank you so much! Worked perfectly.

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