Customize the icons for your manuals

Updated Jun 27, 2018

When you have more than one manual, your knowledge base will display them when a reader views your knowledge base online. Here are some instructions for modifying the look of each manual.

Open the site template editor

To learn how to open the site template editor refer to the following article: How to edit your site design

Click on Icon Dropdown > Select Icon

You will have to scroll down the page before you can see the manual icons.

  1. Select the Group Layout (Small and Large icons will display icons)
  2. Click the icon dropdown
  3. Select from our icon library

If you would like to add custom icons to your manual see here:

How to add custom icons to your manuals

Preview and then Publish changes

Preview then publish chanages

If you are not ready to publish your changes to your knowledge base, do not click Publish. ScreenSteps will save your changes in the browser you are working in, and you can come back later to work on your knowledge base.

View New Icons

Now, each manual is represented by icons and makes your knowledge base look pretty sweet.

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